Sustainable Development

PANCHGAVYA: A Magic Potion

Physio-chemical properties of Panchagavya revealed that they possess almost all the major nutrients, micro-nutrients, and growth hormones required for plant growth.

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Forestry vs Plantation

We cut forests and tend to compensate it with plantations! The question is does simple plantations, function in the same way as forests does?

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Birds in Our Neighbourhood

They provide various ecosystem services like nutrient cycling, dispersion of seeds, as bio control agents, as scavengers in many ecosystems etc.

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common cerulean

Butterflies Flutterbies

The greatest threats to butterflies are habitat loss due to residential, commercial and agricultural development also use of pesticides and de-weeding.

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Restoration Campaign

We plan to restore a forest of 20000 trees in the monsoon of July 2021! And we need your help to do that! Contribute saplings in Vruksh Khosh or donate Rs. 50 per sapling.