Forests are wise guardians of rains, soil, fresh air and millions of species. Help us conserve them and save mankind in the process.
Shifting consciousness towards conservation
Climate change, habitat destruction, deforestation what is at stake - Forests or Us?

What we do

Recent Projects

Ecosystem Restoration, Velimala, Telangana

A complete restoration of a reserve forest from Biodiversity restoration, water resources rejuvenation, rain water harvesting, forest restoration to the human well being..

Stream Restoration, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Restoring a stream corridor with natural restoration techniques to improve stream water quality, stabilize soil ,improve wildlife habitat and enhance biodiversity..

Miyawaki Forestry SESA Goa Iron Ore

A forest restoration to create Green belt at Sesa Goa Iron Ore with 7500 native, ecologically suitable trees.


Sustainable Development

PANCHGAVYA: A Magic Potion

Physio-chemical properties of Panchagavya revealed that they possess almost all the major nutrients, micro-nutrients, and growth hormones required for plant growth.

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Tree of the Year Challenge

Tree of the Year campaign has been initiated by FORREST to re-connect people with Trees. It is an attempt to cure "plant blindness" in people who tend to ignore and overlook beautiful native trees which leads to disconnect and tendency to harm trees without emotions. This is a campaign to celebrate Indian trees and share their stories with the world.

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Vruskh Khosh

As every tree in a forest counts, similarly every helping hand counts.
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Restoration Campaign

We plan to restore a forest of 20000 trees in the monsoon of July 2021! And we need your help to do that! Contribute saplings in Vruksh Khosh or donate Rs. 50 per sapling.