Vruksh Kosh

Have you ever wondered what to do with the plants which suddenly sprout in your balconies, backyards or wall crevices and start growing quietly? These saplings come from seeds which get deposited by birds, bats or through wind. These plants rarely get to grow into trees.

On the other side there are large areas which have been degraded and can be ecologically restored with forestry.

Let’s bridge this gap!

We are setting up “Vruskh Kosh” for indigenous trees (native trees) where you can donate saplings and we will ensure that they grow into trees! 

Your trees will become part of habitat restoration of village lands or community forestry projects only .

With your contribution in Vruksh Khosh, you can volunteer with us for habitat restoration projects, or during  Spring and  Summer season, you can participate in our seed collection drives.

This is an invite to each of you to  be part of a Vision ! A vision where we restore degraded lands, create forests, bring back biodiversity, restore ecology, address depleting water tables in very large areas and on a very  large scale !

It’s an invite for an investment towards collective greener future!

native plants species

Here is a list of common forest plant species for Vruksh Kosh

Tree Ecology Series

Tree ecology series is a attempt to increase awareness of native Indian forest trees. A way to understand indigenous trees, their medicinal value, their uses and tree ecology.
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If you would like to contribute saplings to Vruksh Kosh, follow these easy steps-

      1. Please fill this google form

  1. Transfer the sapling in any poly bag ( recycled / reused),with a little soil.
  2. Keep the sapling for about a week to let it adjust to it’s new environment.
  3. Drop the sapling bag to FORREST office on any working day.

For any queries, you can drop a Whatsapp message in this number – 9403407269


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Restoration Campaign

We plan to restore a forest of 20000 trees in the monsoon of July 2021! And we need your help to do that! Contribute saplings in Vruksh Khosh or donate Rs. 50 per sapling.